Company Portrait of the UNIVERSUM Group

The UNIVERSUM Group is a successful debt collection agency and respected payment guarantee provider that operates on an independent basis. Our innovative package of solutions has an important role to play in ensuring liquidity for commercial customers.

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Mission & Vision of the UNIVERSUM Group

Learning from the past, looking into the future

Mission the UNIVERSUM Group

As an independent debt collection service provider and respected payment provider, we successfully secure the liquidity of our customers and sustain their values with transparent processes, high quality and innovative solutions.

Our solutions

Vision the UNIVERSUM Group

We want to grow dynamically with satisfied customers and strive for quality and innovation leadership in risk and receivables management. We will expand nationally and internationally and achieve a leading market position.

Our solutions

What you can expect from the UNIVERSUM Group:

The service you deserve:

The UNIVERSUM Group is a leading provider of payment guarantees with a comprehensive package of solutions for accounts receivable management to ensure liquidity in e-commerce.




From a single source:

All the services we provide incorporate our complete product portfolio: everything from secure purchase on account, instalment and direct debit from the Unzer brand to the entire life cycle of receivables. From credit checks before the purchase to recovery of the whole amount during debt collection, both nationally and internationally.




Offline und online:

Our Unzer omnichannel solution adjusts the payment options according to the customer’s credit rating during the checkout process, both in e-commerce and in-store settings. Receivables arising from purchases on account, purchases by instalments or direct debit are immediately secured by means of a payment guarantee and are therefore protected against defaults, resulting in a higher conversion rate and a greatly reduced level of risk.



Experience and expertise:

We have been in the market for more than 3 decades and have many years’ experience in e-commerce payment and accounts receivable management, as well as a high level of industry expertise and a service ethos that meets the most demanding requirements. As part of Unzer, we have been a well-known and highly sought-after partner in international e-commerce since the inception of online retailing.


Company History & Portrait


heidelpay becomes Unzer. The company has unveiled a completely new brand identity. The reason is the unification of all company acquisitions of the past years under one strong umbrella brand. UNIVERSUM Inkasso remains an independent brand. The payment solutions of the UNIVERSUM Group will be offered by Unzer in the future.



Payment services provider heidelpay Group acquires Universum Group. Mirko Hüllemann, founder and CEO of heidelpay, comments: “UNIVERSUM and heidelpay have an established track record of working together in a close and successful manner – so the takeover was a logical next step for both parties.”



In December 2017, the UNIVERSUM Group and its companies UNIVERSUM Inkasso GmbH, UNIVERSUM Payment Solution GmbH, UNIVERSUM Business GmbH and UNIVERSUM Finance GmbH moved to their new main office building on Hanauer Landstraße 164 in Frankfurt am Main. The approximately 180 employees of the UNIVERSUM Group now work in a modern new office building in the dynamic Lindley-Quarter, right next to the new headquarter of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Germany AG and within sight of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt’s Ostend.



The companies of the UNIVERSUM Group are being renamed to ensure a consistent brand appearance. Thereby the BBU GmbH is renamed to UNIVERSUM Group GmbH, the Concent Forderungsmanagement GmbH is renamed to UNIVERSUM Group Payment Solution GmbH, the Producta Data-Service GmbH is renamed to UNIVERSUM Group Business GmbH, and the Continental Inkasso GmbH is renamed to UNIVERSUM Finance GmbH. The UNIVERSUM Group Inkasso GmbH will retain its name.



The BBU GmbH from Frankfurt am Main (formerly based in Leipzig) is 100% owner of UNIVERSUM Group.


The Merkur Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH assumes 1% of the UNIVERSUM Group Inkasso GmbH.


The KarstadtQuelle Information Services GmbH has been acquired to 100% by VALOVIS BANK AG. The merger of KarstadtQuelle Information Services GmbH with the UNIVERSUM Group Inkasso GmbH will follow. The Corporations Concent Forderungsmanagement GmbH, Continental Inkasso GmbH, Producta Daten-Service GmbH and the UNIVERSUM Inkasso GmbH will be merged under the new umbrella brand UNIVERSUM Group.



Founding of the Concent Forderungsmanagement GmbH with a focus on credit risk and debtor management as a subsidiary of KarstadtQuelle Information Services GmbH.



Founding of the KarstadtQuelle Information Services GmbH to bundle all operational activities of the KarstadtQuelle Group (Arcandor).


Founding of the Continental Inkasso GmbH as a subsidiary of the UNIVERSUM Group Inkasso GmbH, responsible for long-term monitoring debt collection processes (now a company solely active in the acquisition of non-performing loans).



Founding of the debt information service agency Producta Daten-Service GmbH as subsidiary of Neckermann Versand AG.


Change of name of the UNIVERSUM Inkasso GmbH a subsidiary company of Neckermann Versand AG.