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A-COMMERCE is a strong partner for medium-sized companies, which are starting their journey into a digital future for a successful eCommerce Business within Austria.


Bundesverbandes Deutscher Collection-Unternehmen e.V. (BDIU)

Since 1956 the Association of Federal German Collections Agencies (BDIU) represents the interests of the debt collections industry in public and politics. Today the association counts 560 companies. It represents the interests of more than 500,000 creditors from all industry sectors. The BDIU is the largest association of debt management service providers in Europe and the second largest worldwide. The UNIVERSUM Group’s Inkasso GmbH is represented in the Executive Committee of the BDIU by our Managing Director, Axel Kulick.

Bilendo Logo

Bilendo GmbH

Bilendo allows you to add an automated reminder process to your invoicing practice. Bilendo sends your reminders via e-mail or mail and imports new payments through an integrated banking interface. Benefit from a perfect overview of outstanding items and bring your reminder efficiency to the next level.


Unzer is a fast growing, innovative and modular platform for international payment transactions. Companies of all sizes and from all sectors rely on the data-driven, secure and perfectly tailored solutions to help them drive growth - whether online, mobile or at the point of sale. The modules, which are easy to integrate, cover the entire spectrum of payment management: from processing of various payment types, through automated analytics of customer behaviour and requirements, all the way up to integrative risk management.

Unzer was founded in 2003 as "heidelpay". As one of the pioneers in the sector, the company has repeatedly introduced groundbreaking innovations in and around transaction management over the course of the last 17 years. Over 600 payment experts and tech enthusiasts throughout Europe today work on helping retailers achieve sustainable growth in a dynamic market. KKR has been the majority shareholder in Unzer since 2020.


Solarisbank offers banking services as building blocks to fintechs, digital companies and banks who want to build pioneering products in the finance and banking industry. With a unique banking-as-a-platform business model, Solarisbank offers the financial, legal, and technological components needed to provide the experience modern customers demand. Solarisbank empowers a growing number of finance pioneers all over Europe with its banking expertise and technology. Since its launch in 2016, expanded to over 90 employees, and has raised €26.3 million in Series A funding.

ECC-Club Member Logo

ECC Club | IFH Köln

ECC-Club provides decision makers in retail and the retail environment with an exclusive platform to give valuable insights into the retail sector. Members get free access to the latest inside information, the best survey database on e-commerce and cross-channel activities, and tickets to exclusive events. The three membership models – Classic, Premium and Platin – provide the appropriate service package for every company.

CRIF Bürgel GmbH

CRIFBÜRGEL is one of the leading providers of credit information concerning businesses and private individuals and also provides solutions in address and credit risk management. Thanks to ultra-modern system platforms, CRIFBÜRGEL specialises in tailored solutions for credit assessment, fraud prevention and address management. The company has exceptional industry expertise in e-commerce, payment services, telecommunications and receivables management in particular. CRIFBÜRGEL also has years of experience in actively researching business information throughout Germany as well as operating the cross-industry payment experience pool DDMonitor (Deutscher Debitoren Monitor).

CRIFBÜRGEL was formed from the merger of the two prestigious credit agencies Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen and CRIF GmbH. The expertise and strengths of over 130 years of experience on the part of Bürgel and the technological and analytical expertise of CRIF Germany were pooled together under a single roof in the form of CRIF Bürgel GmbH.

CRIFBÜRGEL is part of the global credit reference agency group CRIF, based in Bologna, Italy. The group currently has around 4,200 staff professionals and 67 subsidiaries in 29 countries across four continents. CRIF is a leading provider of credit information for banks in continental Europe and is one of the leading international companies in integrated services and solutions for business information and credit and marketing management. The company is included in the attractive FinTech 100, a ranking of the leading global technology solution providers for the financial services industry. 6,300 banks and financial institutions and 44,000 business customers across 50 countries currently use solutions from CRIF every day.

POSeidon – the digitalization for the retail 


MasterPayment Logo

Masterpayment AG

Masterpayment is a member of the Bank Frick Group, we accept and process all current payment methods for your ecommerce shop with our own acquiring solution. We combine the core capabilities of an acquirer with those of a payment service provider and the preliminary financing opportunities of a bank in order to optimise your working capital. 

BvCM Logo

Bundesverband Credit Management e. V. (BvCM)

The Bundesverband Credit Management e.V., founded in 2001, increases the success of companies. We provide the tools to stabilize the value chains, to shape debt collections management processes and to minimize payment defaults. Credit Managers contribute to value-oriented pricing and an optimized customer portfolio as well as to improving working capital.


A EINS IT GmbH, founded in 1998 by Andy Altmeyer, has specialized in improving productivity in purchasing, sales and marketing activities in the IT industry. Manufacturers and dealers in the IT industry ask themselves: “How can purchase and sales processes be linked optimally and be made more successful?” The answer A EINS IT GmbH provides is the “21st Mall”.

schufa Logo


Founded in 1927, the SCHUFA Holding AG’s core business is to provide credit rating information about persons and companies for its 9,000 contractual partners found among financial institutions, savings banks, trading businesses and other industry sectors and thus to render the basis for a more secure credit management, allowing consumers a convenient and low-cost borrowing procedure. With the SCHUFA information for consumers and the portal “meineSCHUFA.de”, the SCHUFA AG also provides for a high degree of transparency.

FWP Shop

The FWP shop provides detailed information about shop software solutions to all interested web shop operators or prospective online merchants and thus enables finding the perfect shop software, ERP scheme and logistics solutions. In addition, FWP shop offers solutions for online payment, multi-channel marketing and software for a successful e-commerce. FWPshop.org stands for expert advice in the e-commerce industry and for fair deals for the implementation of web shops.

Aktivbank Logo

Aktivbank AG

Franchise organisations or cooperatives. Today, the bank services over four thousand medium-sized companies from many different industries. In factoring, the active BANK offers solutions for retailers, manufacturers and service companies. The AKTIVBANK is a factoring specialist for the transport/shipping, personnel/temporary workers and building materials industries. The AKTIVBANK offers a factoring calculator for entrepreneurs, with which they can determine their factoring liquidity, services and costs in just three steps. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the DZB-Bank it belongs to the ANWR group.

Atevis Logo

Atevis AG

Since 2000, the Atevis AG operates the leading information portals related to factoring, credit insurance, credit guarantees and debt collection in the German-speaking countries. Alternative methods for acquiring liquidity for companies such as the purchase of goods and the financing of stock, complements the atevi AG’s portfolio in the field of receivables and financing management.

Ferber Software Logo

Ferber-Software GmbH

Ferber-Software GmbH, based in Lippstadt, is an IT partner for successful receivables management. It offers its customers the self-developed debt collection software IKAROS, efficient business processes, professional IT consulting and specialist advice. With IKAROS, Ferber-Software is the market leader in Germany. Furthermore, IKAROS is successfully used in several European countries. Clients include debt collection companies, law firms, banks, insurance companies and energy suppliers. The company currently employs over 100 people.

SAP Logo

SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG

SAP is the world leader in enterprise software with headquarters in Walldorf, as well as sales and development locations in 50 countries worldwide. SAP develops tailor-made enterprise solutions for more than 46,100 customers around the globe. Founded in 1972 by 5 IBM employees, the company ranks among the world’s largest independent software providers.


Expeedo develops and supports online shops since 1995. Its first projects were among the pioneers in the German e-commerce business area. Customers benefit from Expeedo’s long-standing experience and its know-how as an e-commerce service provider, agency, software developer and platform operator by being able to obtain proven and sustainable shop systems tailored to meet individual needs, as well as receiving expert advice, rapid implementation, and reliable support for their e-commerce projects.

biners Deutschland GmbH

biners – business information security.

biners specializes in security solutions for decision-makers – innovative, proactive, to secure the business.

incowia GmbH

incowia GmbH is a consulting and implementation specialist for innovative IT-solutions and data integration.


RehaVitalisPlus e.V. accompanies studios and practices from the affiliation to the rehabilitation-sport up to the successful realization as well as a holistic market positioning as a health sports provider.

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