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In the "Knowledge" section, we have compiled a glossary for you on the topics of risk and receivables management, e-commerce, payment and payment protection.

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    Secure Socket Layer (SSL-TLS)

Secure Socket Layer (SSL-TLS)

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is an encoding algorithm for open networks, such as the internet. However, SSL has in the meantime become an outdated encoding mechanism. The improved TLS "Transport Layer Security" is now in use. The SSL protocol ensures that data transmitted via a public network can be read by a third person. SSL encoding or the new TLS are used as a standard, particularly for online banking applications. However, the encoding algorithm is increasingly used by online shops to provide their customers with a high level of security, and to gain new customers with this service. As a result, customers have the peace of mind that the transmitted credit card details are transmitted and received securely when purchasing a product.

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