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    Shopware Online Shop system

Shopware Online Shop system

Shopware is a modular Online Shop system that was initially published in 2004 as open-source software. Shopware gives customers the ability to design their own online shop in a flexible and user-programmable manner. Similar to Magento, the Shopware online shop system is supported by a large community. As is the case in many other online shop systems, Shopware supports the straightforward integration of Payment Service Providers, such as FlexiPay. In addition to the free version (Shopware Community Edition), Shopware is also offered as a commercial version for purchase or rent. These are referred to as Shopware Professional Edition, Shopware Enterprise Cluster Edition and Shopware Enterprise Basic Edition. Products such as service support, sub-shops, and intelligent search functions can purchased or rented as add-ons. Shopware is currently available as Version 4.

Software plug-ins and templates

Customers and users have approximately 200 plug-ins available to expand Shopware. These plug-ins can be used to simplify and improve administrative processes. Shopware plug-ins can also help to analyze and improve the performance of the online shop. Various language packages are also available for installation. In addition, templates and designs can be modified and adapted with plug-ins.

Shopware technology is based on various current PHP Web technologies, such as Zend Framework and jQuery. The plug-ins also provide a wide range of interfaces to ERP systems, such as Pixi and Afterbuy. In addition to Shopware plug-ins or templates, users can retroactively install various modules. The Shopware modules include: the ticket system, live shopping, product advisor, the (intelligent) newsletter and the part configurator.

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