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Individual approach plus high recovery rate

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The fundament of every successful enterprise: Liquidity

Defaults are still one of the greatest risks to the capital cushion of companies. No matter what business you are working in or whether you offer your products or services online or offline: if your invoices are not paid, you will sooner or later run into liquidity problems yourself. Whether you are a mid-sized company, a leading national or international corporation: we, the UNIVERSUM Group, are your partner for Debt Collection Management. 

Our psychologically trained field-service staff collects your claims for you – by e-mail, by phone as well as judicially. Through a friendly, but determined approach, we achieve a high recovery rate and at the same time ensure that your customer relationships do not suffer from the outstanding claims. Our accounts receivables management ensures your employees have the time to focus on the core objectives of your business and to achieve optimal results.


Advantages of UNIVERSUM Group’s Debt Collection Management

> We safeguard your liquidity through a high recovery rate

> We protect your customer relationships through a friendly approach

> We support your operational dynamics by providing a speedy and personal service

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UNIVERSUM Group’s Debt Collection Management – An Overview