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Debt Collection Field-Service

When paper no longer seems efficient

Commissioning a professional debt collection field-service

Your debtors neither respond to written reminders requesting payment nor to phone calls? Then you have two options left to recover your receivables: We can file a judicial request to have your receivables collected – although this may be relatively expensive and risky, as costs for obtaining a title and commissioning a bailiff often exceed payment capabilities of the debtor or are disproportionate compared to the amount of the debt claimed. An alternative is to commission a professional debt collection field-service. This can be facilitated at every step within the debt collection processes.

How does a professional debt collection field-service work?

Brawny men wearing flight jackets, who scare debtors through their mere physical appearance, are typical for the image of debt collection field-service staff. But this image is totally false: sensitivity and tact, empathy and a dialog at eye level are what is necessary in on-site contacts to convince payment-reluctant or insolvent debtors to meet their obligations. In consultation with you, we will define the process of recovery. For example, if agreed with you, the field-service staff could visit the debtor at their place of work and/or could even close deals on your behalf according to a prior agreed extent of empowerment. Due to the personal contact with the debtors, the recovery rate of the external field-service contracted by us is very good. Often debtors can be convinced to prioritize obligations and to serve claims represented through us first or to agree paying fixed installments.

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Advantages of our debt collection field service

> High recovery rate through personal contact

> Low cost when compared to a judicial recovery

> Motivation of unresponsive debtors

> Conceiled on-site surveillance providing additional information about your debtor

> Friendly, but determined handling of your debtor, thereby taking care not to unnecessarily burden the business relationship between you and your customer.

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Debt Collecting Field Agencies contracted by the UNIVERSUM Group

Bosch Inkasso

Following its motto “Communicating instead of litigating”, the Hermann Bosch Inkasso und Beratung GmbH & Co. KG has been in business since 1993. Since 2000, we cooperate with the owner-operated debt collection bureau. With nationwide more than 12,000 debtor visits per month, the medium-sized privately owned agency is a highly professional service provider in the field of debt collections and accounts receivables management.


Akkurat Inkasso

Founded in 1996 by the graduated criminalist Dirk Oelsner, Akkurat Inkasso Dienst GmbH was the first debt collecting agency in Thuringia (Germany) to have its quality management system certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. Since 2015, we contract the agency’s field-services for the recovery of receivables on behalf of our clients. This debt collection service agency’s clear and direct, but always sensitive approach was even subject in a film coverage broadcasted on German TV.

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