Offer SEPA direct debit with FlexiPay®

Direct debit is indispensable in the payment mix. But what happens if the direct debit bursts? With FlexiPay® you are on the safe side.

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The SEPA direct debit with FlexiPay®

Pay Europe-wide, optimize customer loyalty

FlexiPay® SEPA Direct Debit

Offer in your onlineshop

The SEPA direct debit payment procedure (SEPA - Single Euro Payments Area) is one of the most popular online payment methods in Germany. In 2015, 35 percent of online purchases in Germany were paid for with the SEPA direct debit, which was previously called direct debit authorization*. The biggest advantage of this type of payment is its availability in other European countries, as it can be used across borders within the entire SEPA payment area.

SEPA direct debit offers advantages both for your customers and for you. Buyers appreciate the convenient solution for paying online, as they can use the payment method with their individual IBAN and BIC within the entire payment area. Your online shop can register faster payment receipts, since you determine the time of payment yourself and are therefore not dependent on the payment morale of your customers.

In addition, a direct debit authorization once set up strengthens the loyalty of your customers, as they can then shop with you without having to enter any further data. Like all FlexiPay® payment methods, SEPA direct debit is also offered as a white label solution. This means that you always have your customer relationship in your own hands.

With our FlexiPay® subscription solution you can offer recurring payments via SEPA direct debit - all white label and with our 100% payment guarantee.

* Quelle:, Adyen: „Anteil der genutzten Zahlverfahren bei Online-Käufen in Deutschland im Jahr 2015“
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Secure SEPA direct debit with FlexiPay®

Security for you and your customers

To avoid possible payment defaults, we secure the SEPA direct debit in your online shop with the FlexiPay® payment guarantee or FlexiPay® factoring. In the case of return debits, the UNIVERSUM Group will reimburse you for the complete loss if the customer does not pay the outstanding amount within an agreed period. This only costs you a transaction fee and a discount. The price includes the credit check of all order enquiries, accounts receivable management and the FlexiPay® payment guarantee.

With the FlexiPay® Riskcheck Verify&Pay, the necessary credit check takes place during the checkout. Your customer will only see the payment methods suitable for him and his solvency. In this way, you avoid sales cancellations that occur when your customer is first offered a payment method that he will not be able to use later due to poor creditworthiness.

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The SEPA direct debit with FlexiPay® - The advantages

>The direct debit authorisation can be used again and again

> 100% protection in the event of non-payment

> White Label Integration: We remain invisible

> Offer payment methods suitable to the customer's creditworthiness

> With the Business Intelligence Platform (BIP) you can view the transactions of all your payment methods at a glance.

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Integration of FlexiPay® SEPA Direct Debit

in your onlineshop

The integration of the SEPA direct debit with the FlexiPay® payment guarantee into your online shop takes place via the FlexiPay® interface provided by the UNIVERSUM Group. Contact us to find out how the combination of SEPA Direct Debit, FlexiPay® Payment Guarantee and FlexiPay® Verify&Pay can be used optimally for your shop.


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