Purchasing Debts

Selling receiables instead of waiting for their recovery

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Purchasing Debts and NPL:

Selling Receivables means Securing Liquidity Instantly

What does NPL stand for?

NPL stands for non-performing loans, also called default loans, distressed loans or bad/toxic loans. These are claims against a debtor, who has failed to fulfill or has fallen behind in fulfilling his obligations. These non-performing loans must be classified as doubtful by the owner and at the expense of his income.

The purchase of NPL is performed after a commercial dunning procedure has been executed. With regard to credit agreements, these must have been terminated accordingly. We will assume your claim and the complete risk, once you have terminated your dunning procedure.

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Selling Your Defaulted Receivables the Easy Way

Do you have larger numbers of outstanding receivables, which negatively affect your balance sheet and which you either cannot or no longer want to recover? Then you may want to consider selling these to the UNIVERSUM Group. The sale of your defaulted receivables will secure your enterprise liquidity and improve your financial solvency and means of action.

In addition, selling your defaulted receivables will consolidate your balance sheet as well as will remedy the risk that outstanding receivables will not be paid at all.

We, the UNIVERSUM Group, will take on extrajudicially dunned claims for defaulted receivables, already titled or enforced defaulted receivables as well as defaulted receivables portfolios. Should you consider selling your defaulted receivables, you can rely on more than 30 years of our experience in the market.

A mutual partnership is most important to us: Should you consider selling your receivables to us, be assured, we will work out an optimal solution and fine-tune this with you. In doing so, we will also consider the arguments of your debtor and will thus protect your good reputation after the transaction.

Your Advantages Selling Receivables

> Securing immediate liquidity for your enterprise

> Consolidation of your balance sheets

> Transferral of the risk to a professional debt collection service agency

> Protection of your customer relationships through a reputable receivables processing

> Resource savings in your debitor management and your legal department

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Selling Outstanding Receivables to the UNIVERSUM Group: Our Purchasing Concept

Free Assessment of Defaulting Receivables

In order to sell us your dunned, titled, enforceable or enforced receivables, simply compile the sample packages of your receivables. We’ll evaluate them free of charge.



Calculated Purchase Rate Based on Statistical Experience

Prior to selling your outstanding receivables, we will first determine the value of your portfolio. For this purpose we will take a random sample. We will distinguish the individual claims according to type, age, amount, processing method and status, as well as the probable default rate. Based on the results thereof and on our experience, we will calculate a purchase rate.



Immediate Payment after Conclusion of Contract

After coming to an agreement, we will set up a contract. Thereby all of your rights and obligations will be transferred over to us as purchaser of the receivables. After conclusion of the contract, we will credit the agreed amount to your account in a timely fashion.

Further offers for outstanding receivables

Factoring and debt collection

You have problems with payment delays and defaults, but don't want to hand over your receivables? With our debt collection, we collect your outstanding receivables in trust for you.

Our Unzer factoring guarantees you absolute security against bad debts and fast liquidity.