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Increase sales, minimize risks: With the smart risk management of the UNIVERSUM Group we develop the optimal balance between turnover and risk for your business.

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Risk Management The Optimal Balance between Revenue and Risk

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Credit Assessment
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Assessing Risks Correctly and Preventing Payment Defaults

Especially in the field of anonymous online trading, fraudulent and insolvent customers pose a significant problem: they cause defaults and thereby endanger the liquidity of your company. With the UNIVERSUM Group’s risk management, you are able to identify and sort out the “black sheep” among your customers and thus to establish a perfect balance between growth of sales and a tolerable level of risk.

Our credit check and the credit reporting services we provide, will inform you about whether some of your customers have been noticed earlier to have a history of practicing poor payment behavior. This information can be refined through respective scoring schemes and will inform you in advance about the actual payment behaviour of your customers.

Our address analysis will help keep your data base up-to-date, to avoid duplicates, and to save costs.

Advantages of the UNIVERSUM Group’s Risk Management

> You will receive customized risk strategies perfectly fitting your company

> Our latest technology and innovative analysis tools will ensure you highest processing quality

> We will continue to manage your risk strategies after implementation and will adapt these flexibly

> You will receive our differentiated recommendations in real-time within milliseconds

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The Way to Your Risk Strategy

Together with you, we will develop a risk strategy that fits your business model. The results of our address analysis, credit check and scoring will be appropriately weighted and summarized. All phases and aspects of a customer’s life cycle will be considered in the evaluation accordingly. The risk evaluation of your customers is part of our scoring procedure and will comprise a wide range of differentiated data. Data of your regular customers will include date of birth and postal address as well as time of order placement and past payment behavior.

In order to expose fraudulent customers, our Fraud Detection can recognize specific patterns such as a regional concentrations or specific time clusters. These data patterns are then filtered accordingly.

You will continuously receive comprehensive recommendations for appropriate actions, which will also include a detailed risk assessment. Thus you do not merely have the option to accept or to refuse a customer, but can optimally control a limit and thus are able to maximize your sales potentials.

Risk Management – A Continuous Process

Our work is not completed after implementation of the respective risk strategy: we will continue to monitor the process within the framework of our success control. In regular performance analyses, we will detect a risk-related need for action, such as the adjustment of cut-offs and, if necessary, will adjust the criteria relevant for the risk assessment accordingly.

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