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Maintain and improve data quality: Addresses can be checked in your database, but also in real time when ordering online.

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Address analysis & Address validation

This is where your customers live

Good customer relations right from the start

Knowing the correct address of your business partners is the basis of every business relationship. This is even more important on the Internet than offline: Only if you are sure that your customer is who he claims to be, you can enter into a long-term successful business relationship with him.


The address analysis of the UNIVERSUM Group is the optimal tool to improve your data quality. By clearly standardizing and identifying names and addresses in your databases, you identify your regular customers and optimize your hit rates for credit agency inquiries. This enables you to leverage growth potential and avoid unnecessary costs, for example through unnecessary returns or payment defaults.

An address analysis for the billing and delivery address is carried out as standard for each credit check. Of course, it can also be done in isolation.

Everything you need to know about address analysis

The addresses can be checked in your database, but also in real time when ordering online. A completeness and consistency check is carried out. The addresses are then standardized and subjected to a postal check. This way you can be sure that your database does not contain any duplicates. P.O. boxes, packing stations or special postal codes are filtered as well as "Bei" or "c/o" addresses. The system then informs you which address components have been changed or standardized.


Our top priority

The protection of your data

For address analysis we use certified standard software from UNISERV. The integrity of your data is particularly important to us. All information stored by us is strictly separated by technical and organizational measures. Of course, the UNIVERSUM Group fulfils all obligations according to the Federal Data Protection Act BDSG. All details relating to data protection are regularly checked by our data protection officer.


In addition, the UNVIERSUM Group undergoes regular audits in the course of orders from banks and the public sector. Our implementation of data protection has been checked and certified by the Hessian Data Protection Officer.

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