Credit Assessment

A good customer relationship right from the start - with the intelligent credit assessment of the UNIVERSUM Group: Check the current creditworthiness of your customers in real time and avoid payment defaults.

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Credit Assessment

Preventing Default Payments Upfront

Bring Light into Your Customer Relationships

Payment default is a risk for online as well as offline merchants. You can reduce this risk to a minimum through address analyses, a credit check and industry-specific scoring procedures conducted by the UNIVERSUM Group.

A credit check will assess the creditworthiness of your customer, using available information. This will enable the detailed analysis of his payment behaviour and the probability of payment default.

Advantages of the UNIVERSUM Group’s Credit Check

> Credit assessment for B2B or B2C

> Our recommendations are perfectly tailored to your industry, your products and your customers' shopping carts

> You receive all recommendations for action in real-time

> With the Riskcheck Verify&Pay you can dynamically control your payment methods and automatically adjust them to the creditworthiness of your customers.

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All you need to know about Credit Checks

First of all, a strategy for assessing the creditworthiness must be established. This will depend on whether you wish to check only new customers, customers with conspicuous shopping carts or generally every customer. To verify the creditworthiness of customers, negative characteristics are used by default when conducting credit checks. Dunning notices, data on debt collections, entries in the debtor registers and additional information will be considered during this process. Thereby we will access the UNIVERSUM Group’s records with over 5 million negative characteristics as well as the 44 million data records of our partner Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen. As Premium Partners we also have access to the data pool of the Schufa AG within the framework of our e-commerce solution Risk Check Verify&Pay. In addition, it is of course possible to integrate your own positive and negative lists into your credit check schemes.

Should we detect negative characteristics within the payment history of your customer when running a credit check, you will not only receive a warning, but also detailed recommendations for appropriate actions. You will however always be able to decide individually whether you wish to close the deal or not. Depending on the risk rating, you can offer your customers all payment methods, in particular those he prefers, although these may imply a higher risk – such as purchase on account, payment by installments and the SEPA direct debit. This will enable you to maximize your sales potentials. The UNIVERSUM Group’s credit check procedure is an automated process in real-time and results are made available to you instantly without delay.

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