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Credit Rating Agency

Evaluating Data Correctly

Get to know your customer

In the online and distancetrade business, it is particularly important that you can properly assess your business partners. This way you can avoid payment defaults and are able to control your own risk more efficiently. We can help you facilitate this: by using the UNIVERSUM Group’s data pools and the information provided to us by our partners, we are able to perform address analyses and credit checks for you at any time.

Advantages of UNIVERSUM Group’s Credit Reporting Services

> By integrating our own credit-related information, we are able to provide you with a cost-effective proposal

> Our reporting service platform provides you with an optimal combination of all relevant credit-related information

> We will differentiate and categorize different credit-related characteristics for you

> Our 24/7 availability of our web service will allow you to make online credit queries at any time in real-time

> Due to our intertwined business fields Risk Management, Receivables Recovery Management and Unzer, we are always able to offer you solutions adapted to perfectly fit your business

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The Correct Processing of Data is Crucial

The UNIVERSUM Group’s data pool consists of over 20 million non-overlapping addresses. Among them are more than 5 million negative characteristics that have been generated through payment experiences from our own Debt Collection Management. Thanks to our partnership with CRIF BÜRGEL GmbH, we also have access to negative information of over 44 million people in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Within the framework of Unzer, our solution for e-commerce businesses, we additionally enjoy a premium partnership with the Schufa AG. In order to obtain viable information from the raw data, this must be merged, processed and analyzed respectivley.

We compile required data, which is based on customer-related data, order-related data and credit-related information, and in real-time develop for you meaningful and clear recommendations for appropriate action to be taken. Thus you always know who you are dealing with and are able to respond adequately.

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