FlexiFit® for fitness studios

Unfortunately, the fitness industry is one of the sectors most affected by payment defaults. FlexiFit® was specially developed for this purpose and gives studio operators 100% security against payment defaults.

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Protect fitness studios against payment defaults


In the fitness and wellness industry, outstanding payments, especially for membership fees, are a challenge. Late cash receipts or complete defaults create liquidity problems - in the worst case, the company's own obligations cannot be met.

Our FlexiFit® solution provides a high degree of security for recurring payments - with a reliable credit check and a subsequent 100% payment guarantee.

FlexiFit® thus increases your liquidity and planning security, minimises your accounting expenses and secures long-term customer loyalty.

Your advantages with FlexiFit®

> 100% security against non-payment of membership fees and subscriptions

> Credit assessment in real time

> Increase your financial scope of action and increase your planning security

> Protection of your customer relationship through the friendly approach in the dunning process

> Specially developed for the fitness industry

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Safety right from the start

The FlexiFit® payment guarantee

Whether for new customers or already concluded contracts: First we check the creditworthiness of your customer. Uncertain candidates are thus reliably identified.

A positive credit check is the basis for the 100% payment guarantee we provide to you for the entire term of the membership contract. This allows you to plan your liquidity and obtain maximum financial security.

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Security in the event of non-payment

The FlexiFit® debt collection

If the credit assessment of your potential new member is negative, you decide yourself whether you want to accept the customer at your own risk, reject a membership or offer a secure payment method (e.g. prepayment).

Should payment defaults occur here, we can support you with our classic, TÜV-certified debt collection management. With well-trained experts, our many years of experience, efficient IT and sophisticated processes, we have a high success rate in the collection of outstanding receivables. In this way we ensure that your employees can concentrate on their core business again and your liquidity is not unnecessarily endangered.

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