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Purchase by Installments with Unzer

Promote spontaneous purchases in the online shop by installment payment

Promote spontaneous purchases in the online shop by installment payment

Installment purchase is one of the most interesting and convenient payment methods in Germany. This enables you to tap completely new customer and sales potential in your online shop. Especially larger shopping baskets with a volume starting at 400 euros are often paid off by many customers in small installments. For German online shoppers, convenient payment by instalments is very popular and a relevant purchasing motive. After all, a quarter of the largest online shops in Germany already offer instalment payments. Buying in instalments is a real competitive advantage.


On the international market too, payment by installments is important. Amazon for example, offers the option to pay in several installments for a selected range of products such as the ‘Kindle Fire’.

The UNIVERUM Group thus provides a new, customer-oriented competitive advantage as well as an important marketing tool.  As for purchase on account and direct debit, the UNIVERUM Group also offers the Unzer Payment Guarantee for partial payments. As always, we operate exclusively in the background; thus purchase by installments too is a white label solution.


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The significant value created through the financial transaction is actually generated directly by yourself. You, the online retailer, determine the interest rate policy independently and thus it becomes part of your marketing mix. With the guarantee model  purchase by installments, the UNIVERSUM Group thus offers an essential sales lever with greatest possible freedom of action as well as a supplementary income in the financial business.


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Advantages of Purchase by Installments with Unzer

> An installment option increases sales on average by
7 % and the average shopping basket value by 11%

> No Postident procedure necessary for hire purchase

> The creditworthiness of the customer is checked in real time during the payment process

> Additional income from financial transactions

> The white label integration leaves the customer relationship in your hands

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Interest accruing on purchase by installments

Determine the height yourself with FlexiPay®

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Only the UNIVERSUM Group offers this: If you allow your customers to buy in instalments, you may charge interest - as far as it is clear. With Unzer Installment Purchase, payment defaults are impossible for you - even clear. With the UNIVERSUM Group you as a dealer also have the unique possibility to determine the amount of the interest accruing on the instalment purchase yourself. Nobody else offers you that. So you have another setscrew to easily optimize your conversion and your earnings.


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Legitimation procedure for purchase by installment

No Postident procedure necessary

The legitimation procedures for hire purchase are often anything but convenient for the customer. For security reasons, many dealers cannot do without video identification or even the Postident procedure, as their financing partner prescribes. With Unzer purchase by installment your customers can save themselves this step. The check takes place automatically in the background and in real time. You no longer have to choose between security and usability - with Unzer purchase by installment you get both.


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Unzer Purchase on Account is a certified payment method

Online-Gütesiegel für Vertrauensbildung

The online seal of approval for confidence-building and sales promotion - quality criteria for more security: The buyer seal is awarded exclusively to payment methods or online shops that meet all required quality criteria: Integrated buyer protection, increased data protection regulations and the money-back guarantee in the event of incorrect or non-delivery to the customer are some of the most important features for trustworthy payment methods.


Payment by Installments into Your Online Shop

Easy integration

The integration of payment by installments into your shop system is no problem due to extensive documentation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our hotline, which will be pleased to help you. Our experts will be happy to advise you on which installment purchase strategy (possible installment number, minimum installment amount, interest rate, etc.) you can optimize your sales. Please contact us directly for a personal consultation.


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