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More sales through Unzer purchase on account

Purchase on account is an indispensable mode of payment in today’s e-commerce. In Germany it is by far the most popular payment mode: almost 50 percent of the online shoppers use this even if all other payment modes are offered.* If you offer this service to your customers in the online shop, you will not only increase customer satisfaction, but also will be able to optimize the conversion rate. By integrating this mode of payment into your online shop, the number of purchase cancellations can be reduce by up to 79 percent**. Experience shows that buyers, who use the purchase on account payment mode actually have a larger shopping cart of goods and significantly contribute to the increase of sales.

Who bears the risk of payment defaults when buying transactions are made by purchase on account? With our Unzer payment guarantee (for B2B and B2C) or with Unzer Factoring you enjoy full protection against the risks of possible payment defaults. And are able to meet customers’ demands for purchase on account without further worries.

The purchase on account payment mode is – like all payment modes provided by us – offered as a white label solution to avoid a discontinuity in the mode of payment for your customers. This too helps to prevent purchase cancellations during checkout and payment process, helps to increase your sales and helps to build long-term customer loyalty. You are thus always “master of your own customer relationship”.


* Source: Ibi research, „Durchschnittlicher Rückgang der Kaufabbruchquote bei Einführung dieser Zahlungsverfahren“, veröffentlich von Ecommerce Leitfaden 2013.

** Source: Studie Ibi Research: „Erfolgsfaktor Payment“, S. 6

*** Source: Studie Ibi Research: „Erfolgsfaktor Payment“, S. 7

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Unzer Verify&Pay

More security through intelligent risk and credit checks

What is convenient and safe for your customers, must remain predictable for you. The Unzer Payment Guarantee, allows your customers the popular purchase on account without you having to bear the risk of payment defaults.

You can perform the required risk assessments using Unzer Verify&Pay. After this risk assessment, only those modes of payment are displayed to your customers which fit their current credit worthiness. This prevents purchase cancellations that may occur when poor assessments allow customers to select a mode of payment by which they are not able to pay. This way customer satisfaction and conversion rates are further increased.

Advantages of Purchase on Account:

> You have a 100% security in the event of a payment default

> The white label integration leaves the customer relationship in your hands

> With the convenient purchase on account you open up new customer potentials

> You increase your conversion rate, your revenue and the shopping cart’s average value

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Unzer Purchase on Account

a certified mode of payment

The online label for building confidence and promoting sales – quality criteria for more security:

The buyer’s seal is awarded by the Dealers Association exclusively for modes of payment or online shops that meet all of the required quality criteria. Integrated buyer protection, increased privacy and a money back guarantee for wrong or not delivered goods are some of the most important features for trusted modes of payment.


Purchase on Account

How it works

For all secured orders the following applies: should a customer not pay the outstanding amount within an agreed period, the UNIVERSUM Group will take over the outstanding receivables and reimburse 100% of the claimed amount to you. For this, you only pay a transaction fee and a disagio. These costs include check of creditworthiness of all order requests, the debitor management, as well as the existential payment default protection with our Unzer Payment Guarantee for insecure modes of payment.



Integration into your online shop

The integration of purchase on account with the Unzer Payment Guarantee or the Unzer Factoring into your online shop is facilitated directly through an interface provided by the UNIVERSUM Group or as an extension with our Unzer plug-in for your shop system.

Contact us to learn how to leverage the combination of purchase on account, Unzer Payment Guarantee and Unzer Verify&Pay for your shop.



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