Unzer: With payment guarantee or factoring

With Unzer you have two options to secure unsecure payment methods. With the payment guarantee, we buy 100 percent of the value of the claim from you if the customer does not pay despite a positive credit check. In factoring, the receivable is sold to us as soon as it arises.

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Payment Guarantee by Unzer:

Payment guarantee or factoring

Unzer Payment Guarantee

Whether for new or existing customers: First we check the creditworthiness of the customer for you. Uncertain candidates are thus reliably identified. A positive credit check is the basis for the 100% payment guarantee we provide to you for your customer relationship. More safety is impossible.

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Unzer Factoring

During the checkout, the system checks whether your customer's creditworthiness is sufficient for the payment methods invoice purchase, hire purchase and direct debit. If this is the case, the moment the customer clicks the "Order" button, the resulting outstanding receivable is sold directly to us. You will receive your money as soon as possible after the order process.

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Unzer: Offer popular payment methods securely

With payment guarantee or factoring

Payment guarantees can be used to secure unsafe payment methods such as invoice purchases, SEPA direct debit, subscription payments and purchases in instalments. If customers fail to pay despite a positive risk assessment, we buy the receivable at 100 percent of its value. Payment security via factoring goes one step further. In this case, the receivable is sold to us as soon as it is incurred. This gives you planning security and immediate liquidity.

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Unzer makes it possible Offer your customers more payment options

Purchase on account
More turnover with Unzer Invoice Purchase
The conversion rate can be significantly optimized by purchasing on account. By integrating this payment method into your online shop, the number of cancelled purchases can be reduced by up to 79 percent.
SEPA Direct Debit
Optimize customer loyalty
SEPA Direct Debit is one of the most popular online payment methods in Germany. Around 35 percent of online purchases are paid for with the SEPA direct debit.
Unzer for Subscriptions
No downtime for recurring payments
With the Unzer subscription you can offer regular payments securely and easily by invoice or direct debit.
Purchase by Installments
Promoting impulse purchases in the online shop
Purchasing by installments is one of the most interesting and most convenient payment methods in Germany. Hereby you can access completely new customer and revenue potentials for your online shop.