Cash flow hedging for a clean balance sheet through the sale of receivables

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Unzer Factoring

Fast liquidity instead of outstanding receivables

Protection via Unzer Factoring

Cash flow hedging for a clean balance sheet through the sale of receivables

When does a factoring solution make sense for companies? Popular payment methods such as purchase on account and instalment purchase have one major disadvantage in addition to many advantages: the risk of default is higher than with other payment methods. Unzer B2B factoring and Unzer B2C factoring help you eliminate this risk for your online shop - and quickly maintain liquidity instead of sitting on open receivables.

With Unzer Factoring, we automatically purchase your receivables as they arise. This gives you 100% protection against bad debts, as you assign the entire risk of non-payment to the UNIVERSUM Group.

This improves your planning reliability - failed payments can no longer have a negative impact on your balance sheet. You will also increase your cash ratio and improve your rating. This allows your employees to fully concentrate on their core business, as we also take over the dunning process completely as a white label solution.

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Advantages of Unzer Factoring

> You receive your money promptly and are no longer dependent on your customers' payment behaviour

> You can offer the popular payment methods purchase on account and hire purchase without risk

> Better planning reliability

> No more dunning and collection processes on your side

> Higher cash ratio, better corporate creditworthiness

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Unzer Factoring

This is how it works

During the checkout, our Riskcheck Verify&Pay checks whether the creditworthiness of the customer is sufficient for the payment methods purchase on account and hire purchase. If this is the case, the moment the customer clicks the "Order" button, the resulting outstanding receivable is sold directly to the UNIVERSUM Group. You will receive your money promptly after the order process and the purchase of the claim.

Factoring by the UNIVERSUM Group is a so-called "silent factoring", i.e. a white label solution: We do not appear to your customers and dun the outstanding invoice in your name and under your logo. This protects your customer relationship and the relationship of trust you have established is not burdened by the unaccustomed diversion via an external service provider. By outsourcing accounts receivable management, your employees can fully concentrate on their core business.

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Note: In Unzer Factoring, UNIVERSUM Group works with a financial institution that holds a banking license.


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Unzer macht es möglich Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden mehr Zahlungsmöglichkeiten

Kauf auf Rechnung
Mehr Umsatz mit Unzer invoiceskauf
Die Conversion Rate kann durch den Kauf auf Rechnung deutlich optimiert werden. In Online-Shops kann die Zahl der abgebrochenen Einkäufe um bis zu 79 Prozent reduziert werden.
Kundenbindung optimieren
SEPA-Lastschrift ist eine der beliebtesten Online-Zahlungsmethoden in Deutschland. Rund 35 Prozent der Online-Einkäufe werden mit der SEPA-Lastschrift bezahlt.
Keine Ausfallzeiten für wiederkehrende Zahlungen
Mit dem Unzer Abonnement können Sie regelmäßige Zahlungen per Rechnung oder Bankeinzug sicher und einfach anbieten.
Kauf auf Raten
Förderung von Spontankäufen im Online-Shop durch Ratenzahlung
Für deutsche Online-Shopper ist die bequeme Ratenzahlung sehr beliebt und ein relevantes Kaufmotiv. Schließlich bietet bereits ein Viertel der größten Online-Shops in Deutschland Ratenzahlungen an.
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