Protection by Unzer payment guarantee

For all positively verified purchases by invoice, instalment or SEPA direct debit, we hedge the complete risk of non-payment. If your customer doesn't pay, we pay.

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The Unzer payment guarantee

Avoiding non-payment

Protection by Unzer payment guarantee

Offer popular payment methods securely

With the Unzer payment guarantee, sleepless nights due to payment defaults in your online shop are a thing of the past. Because if your customer wants to use the purchase on account, the SEPA direct debit procedure or payment in instalments, you as an online merchant always pay in advance. It is your risk that those who order online on account will not pay them.

With the Unzer payment guarantee you can kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you can offer your customers purchases on account, SEPA direct debits and hire-purchase, thus increasing revenue potential. At the same time, you put a stop to the risk of non-payment.

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Die Unzer Zahlungsgarantie

How the purchase on account works without risk

With the Unzer payment guarantee, your online shop is 100 percent protected against payment default. We check the shopping basket and the creditworthiness of your customers in real time during the checkout process.

For all positively verified purchases by invoice, installment or SEPA direct debit, the UNIVERSUM Group with over 30 years of experience in receivables management hedges the complete risk of non-payment. If the customer does not pay within a specified period after reminder and reminder, we will transfer the complete amount to you.

By combining it with the Riskcheck Verify&Pay you can increase your conversion rate even further. In this way, you receive the results of the credit check even before the payment method selection and can only offer your customer the payment methods that match their creditworthiness. This significantly reduces the number of abandoned checkout purchases.

If we do not provide a guarantee for some shopping baskets after the credit check due to poor creditworthiness, you can of course still offer unsafe payment methods at your own risk. We will be happy to recover any bad debts for you in our fiduciary debt collection. Alternatively, you can sell your outstanding receivables as NPLs to the UNIVERSUM Group.

The Unzer payment guarantee - your advantages

> You have absolute security against non-payment

> You can integrate purchase on account, SEPA direct debit and hire purchase risk-free

> Greater planning reliability, elimination of the risk of non-payment

> The method of payment in advance is superfluous

> Easy integration into your webshop

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Unzer Payment Guarantee

B2C online trading

Especially in the end customer business, a payment guarantee is indispensable for many online shops. Only in this way can the popular but insecure payment methods of invoice purchase, SEPA direct debit and purchase be linked to instalments without the risk of non-payment.

These are particularly attractive for your customers: In 2015, a total of 50 percent of online purchases in Germany were processed via the purchase on account and SEPA direct debit payment methods. For new customers, invoice purchase is often a decisive factor when choosing an online shop, and larger purchases worth more than 400 euros are preferably ordered in installments.


Payment methods and their share of online sales

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The Unzer payment guarantee

B2B E-commerce

Invoice purchase is even more popular in B2B e-commerce than in the B2C environment and is by far the most important payment method. Business customers expect the invoice purchase: 81 percent of the companies that order online attach importance to the payment method you prefer being offered*. Many corporate customers abandon the purchase process if they cannot order on account.


SEPA direct debit is also one of the most popular B2B payment methods: After all, they offer almost 50 percent of the online shops.

At the same time, invoice purchase and SEPA direct debit are also insecure payment methods in the B2B environment, where an above-average number of payment defaults can occur.


Which payment methods do you offer your customers in B2B e-commerce in Germany?

With our B2B payment guarantee, you avoid bad debt losses - both when purchasing invoices and direct debits. The workflow corresponds to that of the B2C payment guarantee: We check the creditworthiness of your potential business customers in real time.

If this credit assessment is positive, we guarantee that your claim will be settled. If your customer does not pay his invoice after the dunning process, the UNIVERSUM Group buys the outstanding receivable. This gives you 100% protection against payment defaults**.

*Source: Study ibi Research/Votum: "Online purchasing behavior in B2B e-commerce", p. 25
**In the B2B sector: Payment guarantee for 90% to 100% of outstanding receivables possible

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Automatic dunning procedures

Integrated white label accounts receivable management

With the Unzer payment guarantee we also take over the handling of debtor management for you. This includes the creation of customer accounts, the continuous checking of incoming payments and the initiation of a dunning procedure if the due date is exceeded.

This has the advantage that you can concentrate on your core business. You will receive your money automatically and without any additional effort, even in the event of a loss of receivables.

And best of all: Just like the integration of the different payment methods into your online shop, the payment guarantee and accounts receivable management run completely in white label.

This means for you: We do not appear for your customer - he always communicates with you and only with you. The relationship of trust you have established is therefore not burdened by the redirection via an external financial service provider. This prevents abandoned purchases during the payment process, eliminates problems with invoicing and reminders and strengthens long-term customer loyalty.

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Unzer macht es möglich Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden mehr Zahlungsmöglichkeiten

Kauf auf Rechnung
Mit Rechnungskauf mehr Umsatz. Ohne Risiko.
Zufriedene Kunden und Schutz vor Zahlungsausfällen – mit Unzer Invoice bekommen Sie beides. Auch als Whitelabel-Lösung verfügbar.
Kundenbindung optimieren
SEPA-Lastschrift ist eine der beliebtesten Online-Zahlungsmethoden in Deutschland. Rund 35 Prozent der Online-Einkäufe werden mit der SEPA-Lastschrift bezahlt.
Keine Ausfallzeiten für wiederkehrende Zahlungen
Egal ob 1-Click-Zahlungen oder regelmäßige Abo-Beiträge: Tokenization macht Transaktionen für Wiederholungskunden schneller und komfortabler.
Kauf auf Raten
Förderung von Spontankäufen im Online-Shop durch Ratenzahlung
Für deutsche Online-Shopper ist die bequeme Ratenzahlung sehr beliebt und ein relevantes Kaufmotiv. Schließlich bietet bereits ein Viertel der größten Online-Shops in Deutschland Ratenzahlungen an.