Integration of Unzer payment methods in the online shop

Easy shop integration of Unzer payment methods using our REST-based API.

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Easy shop integration

Integration via REST-based API

For the integration of Unzer we provide our REST-based API interface. This allows you to integrate the Unzer solutions you require into any current online shop or ERP system - simply, quickly and easily.

A payment transaction is processed in the following steps via API:

  1. Generation of an access token with your access data
  2. Submission of the purchase enquiry in order to carry out a credit check
  3. If successful, you receive a payment guarantee reference that uniquely identifies the order and uses it for communication.
  4. Should the customer make changes (additional products, order cancellation) to his shopping cart, the amount of the payment guarantee is updated via the API.
  5. If the purchase is completed by the customer, this is confirmed by the payment guarantee reference.

From this moment on this purchase is secured - you have 100% protection against non-payment. You use the API interface to notify us of incoming payments.

If these are not available, please also report the payment default to us via API. At this moment, the payment guarantee becomes effective; we automatically purchase the outstanding claim for 100% of the value. Further details on the technical connection can be found in our Technical Quick Start Guide, which we will be happy to send you on request.

Further details on the technical connection can be found in our Technical Quick Start Guide, which we will be happy to send you on request.

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Integration via Plug-In

If you want to integrate the desired payment methods into your online shop via plug-in, the plugins of our partner heidelpay are available for all current shop systems - from Magento to Shopware.


We will be happy to make these available to you - just get in touch with us.


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Unzer makes it possible Offer your customers more payment options

Purchase on account
More turnover with Unzer Invoice Purchase
The conversion rate can be significantly optimized by purchasing on account. By integrating this payment method into your online shop, the number of cancelled purchases can be reduced by up to 79 percent.
SEPA Direct Debit
Optimize customer loyalty
SEPA Direct Debit is one of the most popular online payment methods in Germany. Around 35 percent of online purchases are paid for with the SEPA direct debit.
Unzer for Subscriptions
No downtime for recurring payments
With the Unzer subscription you can offer regular payments securely and easily by invoice or direct debit.
Purchase by Installments
Promoting impulse purchases in the online shop
Purchasing by installments is one of the most interesting and most convenient payment methods in Germany. Hereby you can access completely new customer and revenue potentials for your online shop.